A new drive-through immersive experience allows escape room enthusiasts to follow clues, unlock puzzles, go for a drive all while maintaining some effective social distancing. You can even do it for free. 

Hollow Studios is inviting escape room enthusiasts and mystery lovers to help them launch their Road Trip Mysteries between June 28 and July 5. Participants in the test phase can enjoy the event for free. 

The launch experience is Episode 1: The Mystery of Simi Knolls, an immersive 45-minute trip in Simi Valley, Calif. The trail goes through some of the most famous western filming locations, including Santa Susanna Railroad Depot, Corriganville Park, Lone Ranger Rock, and Garden of the Gods. The company says clues of murder and mystery will begin to unfold, which participants can decipher.

Guests must first fill out the entry form online, then complete a survey at the end of the experience to get the free event. 

Though the trip is designed to take 45 minutes to complete, participants can take their time and solve clues at their own pace. For details, go to the Road Trip Mysteries website, rtmysteries.com

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