About Us

HalloweenEveryNight.com is an award-winning news, culture and lifestyle website that provides a wide range of readers a guide for what to know and how to live like it’s Halloween every night. 

We practice professional journalism. Our founders have nearly 50 years of combined experience in newspapers, magazines and news websites, and continually work to bring journalism to this community of Halloween and horror enthusiasts.

Halloween Every Night is dedicated to covering not a series, a franchise, a genre, an event or a lifestyle on its own, but a community.


Meet the Team

A lifelong horror fan and longtime journalist, Jessica Peralta began her horror education in the womb – when her mom read Stephen King's "Salem's Lot." A few years later, she found her first monster idol – Freddy Krueger – and the world just kept getting better.
When Shawn Price was called a fearless journalist during his long career, this isn't what they meant.
When Courtney Croitori's not shooting behind the camera or in front of the camera ... well, we really don't wanna know what she's doing.
When photographer Ralph Palumbo isn't running from ghosts, he's shooting them.
After surviving a perilous crash-landing many eons ago, Andre Leon found solace in his new home of Earth through slasher horror films, true crime novels and Nine Inch Nails.
Alexis Gebhardt is a USC journalism student with a passion for filmmaking. Her interest in the horror genre came from watching a few too many serial killer documentaries.
Angela Chan is a Cal State Fullerton communications student with a knack for escape rooms and love of spooky urban myths.
A premonition, in the form of a scratched, broken "Monster House" DVD she destroyed at age 5 by playing it too often foretold that Alena James would grow up to be a horror enthusiast one day. Or maybe it actually started when her mom respectfully declined her wishes to be a Ringwraith for Halloween at age 3.
Alyssa Gentry enjoys exploring the dark hollows of the wicked minds of horror — with her broomstick, of course.
Christianne McCormick is a journalist, poet and lover of dark literature. She has written on a vast array of topics ranging from politics to the horror subculture. Her passion for journalism and love for Halloween led her to halloweeneverynight.com.
Ashley Arabian is a writer and illustrator at Chapman University in Orange, California. Her childhood obsession with Scooby Doo grew into a love of all things spooky — so now she watches too many ghost-hunting shows and collects glue-gun burns from DIY Halloween decor projects.
As a child, Ashley Sellers reveled in watching any and all terrifying films that she could get her hands on and consequently, regularly slept with all of the lights on. Today she lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan and still loves a good scary story.
Having been introduced to horror on the wings of a raven and the beatings of a heart that tells all, Alexander Pate spends many a sleepless night exploring the darkness of worlds not his own.
Cadence Cooper is a student and writer with a love for all things creepy. She spends her free time reading horror stories and sewing costumes.
Carissa Martinez is studying public relations with a minor in communication design at USC. Her love for Halloween shows through in all aspects of her life — whether it is through design, writing or fashion.
A failed novelist turned poet, Tong Huan bakes too much, reads too little, obsesses over serial murder cases and hides when the doorbell rings.
Becky Ebenkamp is an expert textpert, choking smoker. Now the joker laughs at her. Devised a Byzantine bedroom exit strategy as a child in case the Manson Family “got the band back together” and decided to make a house call.
Freshly emerged from the cover of forested darkness, the Count returns to the land of the living for one thing and one thing only, a good chat. Instinct is the name, and the ecstasy of the conversation is his game.
When not writing for HalloweenEveryNight.com, Drew Lambell likes to relax with a private screening of John Carpenter's "The Thing."
With a sixth sense for the paranormal and a passion for horror, Halloween and all things scary, this researcher laughs in the face of fear. Enduring tales of terror and fright, he explores life through the lens of the dark side of fiction and nonfiction.
"I break websites, but I help make them keep running too." Back in 2008 Daniel successfully launched one of the first food blogs in Orange County, Eat in OC. This was before food blogging was taking a bunch of pictures on Instagram and calling it a day. Nowadays, Daniel is the emergency contact for our Predator In Chief when something seems off with the site.
Danielle Allianic was born and raised in Hawai’i. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a bachelor’s degree in sociology.
A small-town ghoul, Elizabeth Johnson hopes to break free from her ancestral domains to write for the dark lords of Hollywood.
A mysterious import we received one dark and stormy night, Franziska Cichy-Ramirez captures moments of time in her picture box ... and holds them forever!
Writer, photographer, whatever... Seth Keichline is our go-to guy when it comes to anything horrifying.
Writer, researcher and practicing worshipper of Cthulhu, Henry Mein is well-versed in a wide variety of horror movies and tropes, recognizing them in his writing style but hopefully not actively using them in his day-to-day lifestyle.
Our band of adventurers roam the darkness hunting for things that go bump in the night.
Lauryn King has had a long-standing passion for writing. Her sights are set on a career in journalism.
A self-proclaimed horror movie addict, when not analyzing and reviewing movies, Jack Newsome is busy writing original screenplays that are sure to send a chill up your spine.
Jen Park has always been drawn to the creepy side of life, and is constantly torn between horror and glam. She also has a weakness for music, dogs, design and breakfast burritos ... in that order.
Katelind Sciortino is a film student with a passion for telling stories. Her love for Halloween stems from watching "Goosebumps," her love for classic Universal monsters and cryptids.
Kayla Rojas is currently working on her second journalism degree, and is also working on her own horror narration podcast. When she's not binging horror movies or "Face Off" reruns, she also writes about hardcore and metal music.
You can always catch Mercedes Cayetano being overanalytical and overimaginative. She trick-or-treated into her teenage years and continues to enjoy jump scares on the big screen and in person. She spends her time writing scripts and listening to stories about the paranormal.
Lauren Jennings is a Cal State Fullerton student, born and raised in Orange County. She found her way into the horror genre at an early age by secretly (without her parents knowing) watching horror movies with her friends in middle school. She loves horror-themed video games and podcasts.
She's dreamy but can be nightmarish. Either way, Antoinette Flores's love for writing is deadly.
When Magnus Lin isn't obsessing over Michael Myers and other slasher icons, he's busy reading scary stories and listening to scary stories online.
Los Angeles native but no stranger to horror, Mari Rosa was drawn to the horror dolls her father collected. Now she draws for a living.
When Angelica May isn't posting to the socials about all things Halloween, she enjoys watching movies and writing short scripts. Some of her Halloween favorites are "A Nightmare on Elm Street," "Darkness" (2002) and "Hocus Pocus."
Freelance writer Marlayna Slaughterbeck enjoys researching and writing on a broad array of topics. She is an avid fan of music and art and has an abiding interest in science and environmental issues, as well as all things political.
Born on All Hallows’ Eve, Katrina Kohl has been a fan of all things macabre since the day she entered the world. Life has been filled with scary movies, creepy books, reading tarot, and haunted tours. Every night is Halloween for this spooky witch.
Ghosts, witches, ghouls and gore – Stephanie Schultz loves all these things and more! When she is not watching horror films or listening to scary tales, she loves traveling, music, puppies and sipping fancy cocktails.
Her earliest memory of her love of horror was roleplaying "Nightmare on Elm Street" as a kid, but [SPOILER ALERT] Tina always died way too soon. Now, she's a diehard fan of "The Walking Dead" and still maintains that the "Nightmare on Elm Street" reboot was pretty terrific.
Kylie Harrington is a USC journalism student originally from Olympia, Washington. Growing up in the home of Sasquatch, Ted Bundy and endless rainstorms left her with a deep interest in all things spooky and spine-tingling, and when she's not writing, reading or watching, she enjoys graphic design and improv comedy.
Mark Ward has had an affinity for stories that find horror in everyday life since reading Junji Ito’s “Uzumaki.” He hasn’t looked down a shower drain since 2007.
Trisha Vasquez is a Westside LA native writer, hiker, roller skater. She sleeps like a baby after watching a few dozen episodes of "Criminal Minds." The only thing scary about her is her driving.