Fright Farms Offers Drive-Through Scares in the Halloween Post-Season

Photo by Jessica Peralta

Fright Farms is a new haunted drive-through experience that is winding its way through SilverLakes Athletic Complex in Norco in the Halloween post-season. The theme? A pandemic, of course. The haunted drive-through is a story-driven, monster-laden, socially distanced experience that takes visitors through a town overrun with homicidal residents infected with a dangerous contagion. Guests follow along the lead character in their cars while listening to the story unfold over their car radios. The experience takes about 30 minutes to drive through and offers plenty of fun frights.

The Gory Details
Through Nov. 29, 2020
SilverLakes Athletic Complex
5555 Hamner Ave., Norco

Photos by Jessica Peralta