Cemetery Lane Brings Trick-or-Treating to All at Heritage Square Museum

Artwork by Lance Inkwell / Courtesy of Cemetery Lane

For the first time ever, some of the producers behind Midsummer Scream have conjured together a new trick-or-treating experience known as Cemetery Lane.

The event, which runs Oct. 27-31, is located at the Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles — a site consisting of Victorian-era historic structures.

“Living in an apartment setting — code for no trick-or-treaters — for years I’ve wanted to find an eerie old house to rent for Halloween to hand out trick-or-treats,” Midsummer Scream co-producer David Markland, who is also one of the founders of Cemetery Lane, said in a statement. “I also fantasized about taking over an entire neighborhood for a spooky block party. My dream came true for both when Heritage Square agreed to collaborate with us on this event and now I get to hand out candy from a half dozen actual haunted houses!”

The experience includes 13 trick-or-treating stops with hourly timed-entry in a mostly outdoor setting and is meant for all ages. Everyone is encouraged to dress up in costume to enjoy trick-or-treating. Although the event is not intended to scare younger guests,  there will be some surprises to please older trick-or-treaters. The event will raise its spooky factor as the night goes on. Jeff Schiefelbein, owner and producer of Sinister Pointe, is helping enhance the Halloween vibe for the location by managing decor and effects.

Though the event is about an hour long, guests can stay longer if they wish to mingle with the surrounding spirits. If you have never been to Heritage Square Museum, it is an outdoor museum of historic homes from the Victorian era that were saved from demolition.

The Gory Details 
Cemetery Lane 
Heritage Square Museum
3800 Homer St., Los Angeles
Wednesday, Oct. 27 to Sunday, Oct. 31, 2021
1 p.m. to 10 p.m.
More Info: cemeterylane.com