Break The Curse With New Beauty and the Beast Game

CluedUpp Games's new Beauty and the Beast game is giving players a chance to work together and break the curse. / Photo courtesy of CluedUpp Games

In the 18th century fairytale, the love between Beauty and the Beast reversed the curse, and they lived happily ever after. But a new game has suddenly cursed the Beast again. The question is, who did it?

CluedUpp is back again with another immersive game, this time themed after the famous fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. The game takes place after the ending of the well-known story with a newly re-cursed Beast and you can break the curse in a game near you. 

Nicole Read, CluedUpp’s digital marketing executive explains this event is “a twisted version of a classic fairytale with a ‘whodunit’ plot line. Expect to interrogate fairytale characters to get to the bottom of who is responsible for cursing the Beast once more.”

This kind of immersive game is nothing new for the company. CluedUpp specializes in bringing board games like Clue to life with a twist using themes from pop culture. In the past, they have done games based on Alice in Wonderland and Jack the Ripper.

“It’s experiencing a familiar story like never told before,” Read said. “If you love scavenger hunting, Pokemon Go type games, with the added benefit of having your friends and family join you on your local city streets, solving clues and uncovering the mysteries, you will love this.”

The game is set up to be played in a group outdoors. Two weeks before the event instructions are sent out to players on how to join the game. On the day of the event teams gather together to solve clues, mini games, and challenges. All of it is led through a mobile device. The game is meant to fit every group.

Use the CluedUpp Games app during the Beauty and Beast game and help break the curse. / Photo courtesy of CluedUpp Games

“People can choose to hurry through the game to compete to become the fastest team, or most teams will make the day of it, pause the game and go for some lunch somewhere – it’s entirely up to you and how you want to make your day,” Read said.

The UK-based company’s main focus is bringing families and friends together. The games provide a shared experience of costumes, clues, and camaraderie. 

Read said “We want people to come away from this event feeling like they’ve had a great day out, while feeling happy they’ve spent time with loved ones doing a team-bonding activity that has brought them together closer.”

CluedUpp games started as a simple scavenger paper games company in 2016. With the help of Facebook and Instagram, the company has grown to one of the biggest immersive outdoor games worldwide. 

The Beauty and the Beast game will be one of the biggest events the company has yet done. With almost 400 games across the US, it won’t be hard to find a game close by. Games in San Clemente and Long Beach, Calif. are June 3, and Irvine, Calif. June 17. Games in Anaheim, Hollywood and Los Angeles will arrive in late 2023.  Tickets are $40-$80 and includes up to six people.