We Made It Through The 17th Door

Waiver - Updated PDFThere was a ton of buzz leading up to our recent visit to Orange
County’s new The 17th Door.

Scariest maze ever and there’s a waiver! kind of thing. Of course, we were intrigued.

We want to share our experience, but we don’t want to give too much away. So, to get both things accomplished, we will invoke the powers of the famed waiver.

“I, being of sound mind and body, hereby take part in The 17th Door Haunt Experience. This experience follows the story of a troubled girl named Paula and includes mature themes/scenes, which may be **triggers** for the following: bullying, abuse, eating disorders, gun violence, suicide, substance abuse, and in particular, a scene depicting the aftermath of a sexual abuse.”


“You may be exposed to or come in contact with”:

*electrical shock: Some in our group did experience this but not all (apparently there were some technical difficulties).

*foul scents: There was some of this, but nothing too nauseating.

*loud noises: Yes, there was some of this.

*insects: Definitely insects, yes.

*strobe lighting: Yes.

*food products: Yes.

*claustrophobia: A bit of this, yes.

*dizziness: Not that we noticed.

*fog: A bit.

*touching from our staff: Most definitely.

*extreme temperature: Yes.

“I voluntarily accept the risk of peeing my pants, and/or death from the activities involved. This includes, but is not limited to the following: sprains, fractures, insanity, puking or being puked on, or running into an ex-girlfriend; ALSO accidents involving, but not limited to, running, falling, really scary people getting all up in my grill and trying to provoke me to do something to them, contact with scenery, with other people, and/or with my own psychological instability.”

As far as those in our party went, there was no pants peeing (that we smelled) or death, sprains, fractures, insanity, puking or running into an ex-girlfriend. We didn’t witness any running or falling, but scary people were getting up in our grill.

As a whole, the experience was unique. The setup was different than other mazes we’ve been to lately and there was a ton of detail put into the experience.

I do have one suggestion, which is probably one many haunts have heard: more monsters. The monsters in this maze were very character-driven and did a great job, I’d just love to see more of them!

Other than that, The 17th Door is a very different kind of experience that I’m sure many haunt-goers will enjoy.