Soon, You Can Drink A Zombie Out Of A Zombie Glass

A Kickstarter campaign countdown is underway for Sex and Monster's Magic ZOMBIE! Glass. Photo: Will Penny/Sex and Monsters

Picture yourself in a summer setting. The scent of barbecue is in the air. A taco in one hand and mentholated spirits in the other. A ceiling fan gently churns the air overhead. Friends gathered at a post-apocalyptic tiki survival party. 

As you celebrate the warm season with the other survivors, it occurs to you the experience could only be elevated further by drinking this dangerous rum-based concoction out of a glass that matches the feeling. 

Will Penny is way ahead of you. 

The writer/editor/bossman of Orange County, Calif.-based publishing and apparel company Sex and Monsters, is in the final days of his Kickstarter campaign to provide worthy survivors — and mid-mod swingers — a chance to drink a zombie cocktail out of a glass that reveals a zombie in all his rotting glory when you fill it with cold liquid. 

According to Penny, contributors of at least $20 will get the Magic ZOMBIE! Glass, limited edition zombie artwork and some original exotica music suitable for any survivors party. But contributors must act by Sunday, June 30. 

Penny explained to Halloween Every Night why he needs you for his zombie campaign. 

Halloween Every Night: Tell me about the zombie glass. Where did the idea come from and who did the cool art?

Will Penny: After I published my cocktail-recipe-comic-book Tiki Surf Witches Want Blood, a lot of people asked me if I planned to make an original tiki mug to go along with the book. After thinking it over, I decided it’d be fun to make a unique zombie glass instead.

The project was inspired by Donn Beach, father of tiki culture and inventor of the original Zombie Punch cocktail.  However, Donn didn’t serve his Zombie Punch in a tiki mug.  Instead he served it in a tall chimney-style glass. So I wanted to make sure I created an authentic reproduction of this same style of drinkware.

I then worked with artist Nik Poliwko, the artist of Tiki Surf Witches to come up with a design that was in the same style as our comic book, and that could ‘magically’ come to life whenever a cold cocktail is poured into the glass.

HEN: When did the kickstarter campaign start and how much do you need to reach your goal? And June 30 is the final day, correct?

WP:The Kickstarter began on June 1st and runs through June 30th.  I’m happy to say the campaign has been a great success, and we’ve already tripled our funding goal of $5,000!  Because the glass has been so popular, we’re giving all of our backers a chance to ‘add on’ a copy of ‘Tiki Surf Witches Want Blood’ to their reward package at an exclusive price of $5 — which is 50% off regular price.

HEN: With all the different things you’ve published, what’s the fun in a zombie glass?

WP: The cool thing about tiki mugs and glassware is that they’re not just functional drinking vessels, but can be unique art pieces as well.  My goal with the Magic ZOMBIE! Glass was to contribute to this tradition, and create something that was fun, functional, and provides a bit of extra escapist entertainment the next time you drink a cocktail.