Courtesy of Escapade Games

Escapade Games’ Zoe Will Freak You Out and Leave You Wanting More

Darkness engulfs us. There’s no discernible way out. And the clock is ticking…

If we don’t figure out the next clue soon, we may get paid a visit from one creepy-ass little girl.

Fullerton’s Escapade Games is one of the newer escape room experiences to hit Orange County – and it’s definitely one of the creepiest. Owners Kirill Ostrovskiy and Julia Ostrovskaya, hailing from Russia, set out to create a live-action puzzle that gets both the heart pumping and the brain going.

Their escape room, Zoe – that tells the story of an angry little girl ready to reap vengeance on those trespassing in her home – does just that and more.

Kirill Ostrovskiy and Julia Ostrovskaya, owners of Escapade Games in Fullerton / Photo Credit: Jessica Peralta

The space, set in an unassuming suite on Harbor Boulevard, is surprisingly expansive and designed to look like a home – with more than a few twists. It’s well-decorated to conceal the important clues hidden throughout.

The storyline is detailed enough so that players can immerse themselves a bit and get lost in the scary plot.

As with all escape rooms, teamwork is imperative. As is knowing your teammates’ weaknesses. If one of your regulars is afraid of the dark or of things lurking in it, this might not be the game for him. Unlike many other escape rooms, there is some jump scaring involved and more than a few moments someone in your group will scream out in terror.

Zoe at Escapade Games in Fullerton / Photo Credit: Jessica Peralta

The couple do an excellent job at creeping guests out while still trying to move them through the game. Difficulty level is moderate – not impossible but not a piece of cake either.

Designed for two to six players, the ideal number is probably closer to more than less. You’ll need all the brainpower – and muscle – you can muster.

Leave the scaredy cats at home and be prepared for a dark walk through where little dead girls don’t want to stay dead.