Magic Festival at The Queen Mary Is a FantaSea

The magic is returning to The Queen Mary this weekend.

The legendary ship will play host to the second (hopefully annual) FantaSea, bringing a little bit of L.A.’s Magic Castle down the freeway to Long Beach.

Multiple magicians will entertain guests around the ship and mixologists will concoct new cocktails, leading up to the Mysteries of Magic Dinner Show mixing top-end performers with a four-course meal. Or you can watch an on-board screening of Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige.

If you decide to stay the night in one of the most haunted destinations in the U.S., sleep in and enjoy more magic at the Abracadabra Brunch.

We chatted with returning magician Jon Armstrong about his thoughts on the event.

Halloween Every Night: It seems like The Queen Mary would be an easy venue for magic, but what did the first year of the event feel like as performer or group of performers? Did it feel risky or did it feel comfortable?

Jon Armstrong: As a performer, you always wonder how your act will be received. Magic is no different and I was just so taken aback at how much people not just loved the magic, but wanted to see even more. Honestly these are some of the best audiences I’ve ever experienced outside of the Magic Castle. So, because of that, it was an amazing and fun vibe and it felt incredibly comfortable.

HEN: Magicians tend to like to know a lot about venues they perform in, what are the pluses and what are the challenges of the ship as a venue?

JA: I’m not sure that is completely true. Lots of magicians are able to go to any venue – small, big, light, dark or otherwise – and because of their experience, they make it work. I made sure that the acts you see in this festival could work anywhere, so when they are now showcased in a place as unique as The Queen Mary, they look even better.

HEN: How would you like to see this event grow over the next few years?

JA: My goal is for more and more people to see both how great magic can be, and how awesome The Queen Mary is as a venue. So having more guests come and experience it means being able to have more acts from around the world and more unique magic-themed events during the festival.

Tickets are $29-$99. Queen Mary’s FantaSea runs Saturday and Sunday, April 8 and 9 at The Queen Mary, 1126 Queen’s Highway, Long Beach.