Escape Review: Noodle Your Way Out of a Slasher Movie

The standard issue characters in slasher movies you already know: The jock, the geek, the prom queen, etc. For 60 thrilling minutes, you get to be one of them while you work your way out of your character’s impending doom.

Short of the slasher himself, Anaheim’s Cross Roads Escape Games Hex Room is an engaging and detail-filled adventure with its own interesting version of team work. Each “character” gets their own room from which they must escape. Some rooms are more difficult than others. And some rooms are more important than others.

The mid-level game offers escapers a broad cross-section of slasher-film characters  but doesn’t require you to be an expert in the genre to get out alive. However, having the right escaper in the right mini-room is practically everything here, so if you don’t get your ideal, working together is an absolute must.

Beware of overthinking things. Cross Roads’ creators have loaded The Hex Room with lots of potential distractions and dead ends. If escapers can manage to quickly distinguish between the two, your odds increase significantly.

Even if slasher movies are not your thing, The Hex Room is a great time. With the individual rooms magnifying the intensity of the game for each player, it also completely personalizes the experience. Maybe you should ask yourself: What kind of slasher film character am I?