It’s a Good Thing the Loonies Have Taken Over Ward 13

Longer mazes are better. Everybody knows that.

It’s the way mazes are trending these days and so much the better for haunt fans. More creativity, more details, more interaction, more bang for your Halloween buck.

While that also means more work for the designers of mazes, the twisted minds of Evil Twin Studios make it their job. They are the same twisted minds behind South Pasadena’s Ward 13. Operating Fridays and Saturdays through Halloween, Ward 13 is this year’s follow-up to the company’s Theater of Terror and Raymond Hill Mortuary.

The story, which Ward 13 utilizes well, is that the most violent patients of Raymond Hill Sanitarium are experimented on instead of being treated, in the sanitarium’s Ward 13. But as you enter for a visit, things get a little out of control.

The 20-minute walk-through is filled with great little details to relish as you go. You’ll want to slow down and look around in several of the rooms and actually can – something you don’t get to do in the theme parks. And for those who have the nerve to stick around and don’t simply rush through, it raises the experience to another level.

Odd doorways and portals through scenes keep you slightly off balance, building to an elaborate and sweeping gag toward the end that is totally unexpected, yet a fitting and fantastic use of the maze’s theme (and space).

Tickets are $15 online and $17 at the door: Proceeds benefit the South Pasadena Educational Foundation (SPEF).