How to Get Slaughtered in Hollywood

We were hopelessly stuck among the rotting (plastic) remnants of cows, pigs and humans.

Well, probably all human, but now we know why.

The Escape Hotel Hollywood’s Slaughter was hard. Especially after smugly thinking we had this one in the bag.

The premise is you’ve been kidnapped and are being held in an elaborate meat locker by a serial killer. There are other victims already hanging around the fridge and various body parts are strewn across the room. There are no actors to either distract or guide you through Slaughter. You must think your way through (spoiler) two rooms to succeed. The first room is a blast. The second room is a slap upside the head.

I think it’s a cruel setup: Let the escapers think they are a brilliant bunch. A well-polished team of excellent puzzle-solvers all on the same wavelength. Let them get cocky solving some clever puzzles early on. Build up some good momentum, then THUD! Bring them down hard.

Some of the last few tricks this escape room had up its sleeve were some of the most obscure and difficult I’ve yet seen. Paying close attention to detail is the difference between success and failure.

Only two out of about 200 participants had succeeded by the time we tried our hand at it, according to an Escape Hotel staffer. Those are extremely steep odds. But once again, the Escape Hotel’s attention to such detail and sheer entertainment value make Slaughter a challenge seasoned escapers will be drooling to try.