Fox in a Box Orange County Offers a Fun Night Out in Fullerton

Prison Theme
Photos by Jessica Peralta
Fox in a Box Orange County
Fox in a Box Orange County has three different room themes.

As the minutes pass, the pressure in the room rises. We move around a little faster, frantically sticking our hands in containers, randomly trying codes … just trying to find the right answer.

It’s dark and we have some head lamps to help us spot clues … back and forth we go.

We. Are. So. Close. And then, it ends … a few minutes away from “robbing the bank.”

As more and more escape rooms pop up, promising to give us about an hour of some serious mind games, the sense of competition rises. My group of friends is now hooked, waiting for the next room, wanting to get better, feel smarter.

Escape rooms are a simple concept, really – you’re in a room and need to solve puzzles with the help of clues, to get out – but a highly effective one. And Fox in a Box Orange County, located in Downtown Fullerton, is no exception.

Amanda Contreras
Fox in a Box Orange County owner Amanda Contreras

The escape room venue (part of a franchise with this location being owned by Amanda Contreras) offers three games: Central Bank (rob a bank), Prison (prison break) and Cold War Bunker (save the world from nuclear apocalypse).

The Orange County location’s staff are a friendly bunch that really enjoy what they do. They crack jokes and make visitors feel part of their little family.

During each game, a “game master” sits in front of a monitor watching players try to escape, talking to them over the loud speaker when they might be coming too close to breaking a rule. The game masters get quite involved in the action of the room and are often rooting for the players to make it out in time.

Our particular mission was to rob a bank, but sadly, we didn’t quite make it to our nefarious goal in time.

Despite that, we had a blast and would love to return to see if we can make it out of prison and save the world.

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and come ready to do some serious thinking.


Fox in a Box Orange County

123 W. Amerige Ave., Fullerton, California

2-6 players, 60 minutes