Photo Courtesy of Creep Los Angeles

Creep Los Angeles Keeps You Off-Balance and Wanting More

It’s a slight prickling on the back of the neck, a sick feeling in the pit of the stomach, an increasingly elevated heartbeat that keep guests in eager anticipation as they walk through the 12,000-square-foot expanse of scenes that make up Creep Los Angeles.

And inducing all these anxieties are a team of 28 actors who do everything it takes to make you squirm. It’s an effective strategy.

An impressive melding of performance theater and horror, CreepLA’s second installment, Entry, is a unique show that takes you through disturbing vignettes themed around one particular creep, all designed with the intention of making you feel out-of-balance and uncomfortable. Your space will be violated and you can be touched. And people will say weird things to you like: “I like the way your sweat smells.” (Uh, thanks?)

It’s more of an “experience,” full of intense one-on-one interactions over jump scares or gore. At times you may not know what to think, but that’ll just keep you wanting to see more.

CreepLA is a truly creative endeavor that plays with your mind and pushes some buttons, making for a very unique form of scaring. It’s a wonderfully unsettling production sure to add that extra element of weird fun to your Halloween season.

Creep Los Angeles

Open Through Halloween

Tickets range $40-$50

2316 N. San Fernando Rd., Los Angeles