Photo by Hatbox Photography

Creep LA Brings Creepy on Strong with ‘Lore’

It’s a feeling. A soft touch. A whisper. A tickling on the back of your neck.

Creep LA brings on the creep factor strong once again with Lore, based on the Amazon Prime Exclusive series Lore – derived from Aaron Mahnke’s popular podcast of the same name.

Exploring the origins of legendary horror myths like vampires and possessed dolls, the immersive experience transports you into other worlds where fears are confirmed and terror brims beneath the surface.

It’s a one-hour long walk-through in groups of eight where guests are taken through elaborate, detailed scenes – and often pulled off separately for a private encounter with some creepy character.

The acting is spot-on and intense. The characters are what drive the stories home … and leave you feeling that fairytales really are nightmares.

Lore runs through Nov. 12. Find tickets here.