Hay Fever From Hell: L.A.’s Haunted Hayride Is Back

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride returns to Griffith Park for October 2021. /Photo by Jessica Peralta

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is back at Griffith Park and is open now through Halloween night for select dates. 

“We’re excited to bring fans back into Midnight Falls with an experience that just keeps getting better every year,” said Christopher Stafford, CEO of Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group.

Audiences will get the returning hayride, Trick or Treat and Midnight Mortuary mazes as well as the new (S)Laughterhouse and a new Monte Revolta show. Monte Revolta and his Band of the Living Dead bring a new 30-minute live performance of an “undead irreverent lounge singer who is bringing the dead back to rock,” according to their website.

Tickets are $29.99 – $109.99 and can be purchased through the Haunted Hayride website. Some nights are selling out quickly, so purchase tickets as soon as possible. 

Jon Braver, director of Immersive Entertainment for Thirteenth Floor, answered some of our questions about the event:

HalloweenEveryNight: There’s some returning mazes as well as the new (S)Laughterhouse this year. What kind of an experience can guests expect on the Hayride and in the returning mazes, and what was (S)Laughterhouse’s inspiration?
Jon Braver: (S)Laughterhouse is a really exciting addition to this year’s Haunted Hayride. It has been explored in other locations across the country and has proven to be a fan favorite. The inspiration is that a carnival breaks down and clowns are taking over a meat-packing plant. Visitors can expect a fun play on slaughterhouse vs. laughterhouse theme.

HEN: Monte Revolta is back. What other entertainment can we expect to see at Midnight Falls?
JB: Monte is a Haunted Hayride icon, and we are so thrilled that he is back performing nightly this year. Aside from the entertainment of our amazing scare actors, there may be a few additional surprise entertainers. Stay tuned for more!

HEN: Are there any new themes we’ll be seeing in the hayride itself?
JB: There are several new themes, as well as the returning fan favorites from previous years. Overall, the theme of the hayride is consistent as you’re entering the hayride at the 13th Annual Midnight Falls Festival. As returning fans know, the theme is a little campy, referencing an old hayride at a small town in NE festivals.

The Gory Details:
L.A. Haunted Hayride
Sept. 23 – Oct. 31
4730 Crystal Springs Dr., Los Angeles CA 90027
Tickets: https://losangeleshauntedhayride.com/tickets/#/
$29.99 – $109.99