Photo by Jessica Peralta

‘Gray People’ Ponders Dark Places

It’s not always the big, loud and splashy that are terrifying.

Sometimes the creepy, crawly feelings come from nuance and subtlety – from the gray area between light and dark. 

It’s in this space where the latest Force of Nature production lives, breathes, and inevitably, dies.

Gray People, written by Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm and directed by Sebastian Munoz, follows three characters: Adam (Kyle Felts), James (Walter Kartman) and Jenny (Olivia Lemmon). We find them alone, late in the woods together. But the creepy part isn’t what’s hiding in the darkness – rather what darkness is hiding in them. 

The storyline relies heavily on the ability of the three actors to carry out the right balance of personality and mystery, intensity and mischief, light and dark … and most importantly, everything in between. The actors not only succeed at this balancing act, but excel at turning a more subtle show into a rather intense experience.

Gray People serves as a nice counterbalance to the drama of big blockbusters and homes in on those quiet moments when you least expect to see a gray figure in the darkness.