Photo by Hatbox Photography

Creep LA’s ‘Awake’ Brings Nightmares To Life

Sleep is a funny thing. 

We know we need it. 

Yet we spend significant effort postponing and avoiding it before spending an equal amount of resources trying to obtain it. 

And then there’s the dreams. What do they mean? Why are they so disturbing? 

Creep LA’s latest addition to its immersive, theatrical experiences – Awake – ponders these topics in an almost subliminal way. 

In groups of 25, guests are taken through a landscape of dreams and nightmares that can best be described as a waking dream – that place you find right before opening your eyes to a brilliantly sunny morning.

Within a 60,000-square-foot warehouse space, the dreamscape is designed accordingly. You’ll encounter beds, childhood homes and maybe even some repressed memories. 

As with all Creep LA shows, the experience is not aggressive. It is only with the softest whispers, lightest touch and most gentle urgency that the actors interact with guests to bring nightmares to life. 

“Creep LA: Awake” / Photo by Hatbox Photography

The 75-minute walk-through experience engages you in a way only a dream can. And with each new scene you encounter, you are able to experience a nightmare that may ring true on some level. An added benefit is that guests can be taken into slightly different experiences so that return visitors won’t have the exact same experience twice. 

Even with the intense subject matter presented within the Creep LA show walls, the production never stops entertaining. Those 75 minutes will fly by as you are escorted through Creep LA’s twisted idea of sleep. 

“Creep LA: Awake” / Photo by Hatbox Photography

And perhaps when you come home for actual sleep, you will still hear their whispers.

“Creep LA: Awake” takes place at Row DTLA, 777  S.  Alameda St. in Los Angeles through Nov. 4. Tickets are limited.

“Creep LA: Awake” / Photo by Hatbox Photography